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Gold Nemesis

Mechanical Keyboard RGB LED Backlight Plug And Play White/Black Keyboard Ergonomic Design Waterproof Gaming Keyboard

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$59.99 USD
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$59.99 USD
  1. Overview:

  2. No longer need to worry about the table is full of things, built-in storage function, mobile phone stand pen slot card can be neatly placed.

  3. The keyboard adopts the front waterproof design, which can be splash-proof for easy cleaning.

  4. Use rare earth materials, NdFeB large suction magnet, magnet adhesive, stronger adsorption.

  5. Specifications:

  6. Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys

  7. Type: Wired

  8. Operation Style: Mechanical

  9. Style: Standard

  10. Model Number: 618

  11. Interface Type: USB

  12. Full-Size keyboard: Yes

  13. Package Content:

  14. 1 x keyboard